Friday, December 28, 2007

First Food!!!

Baby Teague had his first non-boob food today! Pureed organic pears. He was a little skeptical at first, but after a couple bites, he was all over it!
First bite from momma:

First bite from daddy:Aaaaaand, he loves it.


Eesh said...

Are you following a feeding schedule for your little boy? As in what foods to start with first and how old he should be when you start? My little girl is 5 mths and she's already looking interested in what I'm eating but I want to hold off until she's a bit older. Just wondering what other vegan moms are doing or following. I have Dreena's cookbook Vive le Vegan which outlines some stuff at the back but I'm not sure what other sources there are out there.

VegMomma said...

Hi! I am following a food introduction schedule for my little one. I follow a guide very similar to the one in Dreena's book. One thing that is important to note, is that baby's iron needs increase at 6 months, as their stores run out. This is the only reason that most drs recommend starting with infant cereal -- it is iron-fortified. Since we aren't starting with grains (and will be delaying them until at least 9 months, possibly 1 year), I am feeding him a variety of iron-rich vegetables, like spinach and swiss chard.
In regards to when to start solids, it really does vary from child to child. Most children are best at 6 months, but we started with my first son when he was only 5 months. If you like, you can try a small amount of food with your daughter and see how she reacts, but if you want to wait, there is certainly no harm in waiting until she is six months. :
Also, Raising Vegetarian Children is a fabulous book. It talks about nutrition (although it does recommend starting with infant cereal), but also about all the other aspects of being a vegan parent. It is really great, and I highly recommend it.
How is being vegan in Red Deer? Do you know any other vegan families?