Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bye bye, summer!

Well, with temperature dropping, it looks like our summer has come to an end. Sigh...
To celebrate (or should I say mourn?), we had a firepit at Grandma Laurie and Larry's on Sunday.
Crazy Keith went and shaved his head, and chubby Teague got bathed by Grandma. It was quite a day!
On Saturday, we went to visit a store that just opened. My lovely friend, Tammy-Ann is managing the store, and selling her beautiful slings there! I treated myself to a gorgeous necklace made with fair-trade gemstones. The store is called Birth Source (online store linked above); if you're in the area, stop by and support some local moms!
I've been slowly giving Quinn some of my old stuffed animals and dolls. His favorite is an old Brownie. How cute is he wearing her in the sling?!
And here are some pictures of our littlest cutie-pie.
We got our new counter-tops installed yesterday, but I'll resist the urge to post photos until the whole shebang is finished.
I have about a million pictures from our Guitar Hero party last night to go through, so I'll post about that later.
Happy Fall!

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