Monday, August 13, 2007

Quinn's Second Birthday

I can't believe our little boy is two already! Yikes! Time is flying by....
We celebrated a couple weeks ago with a very small backyard barbecue (veggie, of course). I made some yummy carrot cake and chocolate cupcakes, both iced with amazing vegan cream cheese frosting (all recipes from this book).
Grandpa Dave, Daniel, and Quinn (rocking "Bop's" sunglasses):
'Woo-woos', a relic from my own childhood:

Daddy helps blow out the candle:

The Pigeon books are favorites around here. Auntie Janet got Quinn this one, and he seems to be enjoying it:

And the big present.....a new bike!


Tyson said...

Hey Quinn that's a pretty awesome looking bike! You better start practicing so you can show me some sweeeeet tricks the next time I come to visit!!

Sue Yerex said...

Quinn Grandma Sue wants to go cycling with you can you put panniers on your bike?
Love Grandma